Ready (or not) Change is Part of the Game

For centuries, it has been said that the only thing constant is change. Like you, Transformation Specialist, Author and Elite Athlete Tricia Downing knows this reality all too well. As a former cyclist, who in one moment was transformed from vibrant competitor to a wheelchair-dependent paraplegic, you could say change hit her head on. But it also opened an opportunity to redefine her abilities, goals and to ultimately grow.

When faced with challenges and changes, we all have choices. Think about your own tendencies:

  • Do you find that you are hesitant or resistant to change?
  • Do you feel yourself shutting down at the thought of doing things differently?
  • Do you let your mind take over with worry? Or find yourself “living in the wreckage of the future?”

Through her grueling rehabilitation and rise to an elite level wheelchair athlete, Tricia found herself no only digging deep, but developing empowerment strategies which proved to not only help her come back from her challenges, but also to help others overcome theirs.

Referred to as “empowering,” Tricia shares the gritty stories of her triumphant comeback from a car/bicycle collision which nearly ended her life, and shares lessons that all audiences can appreciate about facing the unknown that comes with change. She focuses on why we resist change and how to overcome those hurdles, how to feel more at ease with change and realize the benefits of embracing new ways of thinking, doing and acting.


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Does your audience need to be motivated, empowered and challenged to excel? Tricia Downing’s inspirational story of triumph over tragedy, along with practical tips and tricks for success, will motivate you to overcome the obstacles keeping you from living your best life—right now. For more information on program options or to contact Trish about speaking engagements, click the button below.

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“As president of Colorado Hotel & Lodging Association I am always looking for the best resources and information for my members. I also look for new angles and approaches to age old lodging issues. That is why I was so delighted to have Tricia Downing bring a real perspective to accessibility in hotel rooms. Our members comply with ADA requirements but even that does not always address the practical challenges of maneuvering your way around a hotel room. Tricia brought expertise, credibility and a fresh perspective which left my members really thinking about how they could do better in their own operations. She was so well received.”
Christine R. O’Donnell - President, Colorado Hotel and Lodging Association
“Tricia has a unique gift as a speaker and is using it to challenge leaders, develop teams and, frankly, change lives. The audience at our event was on the edge of their seats as she weaved her unique story of tragedy, ongoing setbacks, and eventual triumph. We teetered back and forth between the edge of tears and heartfelt laughter, driving home the critical points she was making to the group about making the most of every opportunity. If you’re thinking about bringing Tricia to your organization, jump on it. It’s a decision you’ll never regret!”
Brad Cooper - Chief Executive Officer, US Corporate Wellness, Inc.